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2. What do you understand by requirement? Can you differentiate between requirements and needs?


Requirements mean the smaller bits that need to be met in order to accomplish the clients project goal.

Stakeholders provide the information about the requirements which are in line with the ultimate goal of the project.

For easy understanding it can be said that need is a broader concept and that can be broken down into requirements which should be met in order to accomplish the project need.



  1. Business Requirements-

The business requirement document answers the following questions


  • Why is this project initiated?
  • What are the current problems?
  • With this project how many problems could be solved?
  • What are the resources required?
  • How much organizational change is required to adopt this technology?
  • Time frame to recover ROI?
  • Who are the Stakeholders?


  1. Stakeholder Requirements-

These requirements are from the responsible stakeholders.

These requirements can be recorded through various forms of elicitation techniques.


  1. Solution Requirements-

These requirements are of two types –

  1. Functional Requirements:

These requirements indicate the basic idea of the functionality.

This not very detailed but very superficial.

Example- User Login can be a functional requirement,

  1. Non-functional Requirements:

Non-functional requirements basically help knowing the very details of the functionalities.

These requirements highlight the performance as to how a certain functionality should execute.

Example – Basic response time of certain page.


Difference between Requirements and Needs

  • Needs means objective that client wants to meet through the project while requirements are segregated bits in order to meet the need.
  • Requirements are dependent on needs.
  • Need is a broader perspective while requirement is smaller bits of needs broken down into doable pieces.


-Need is to develop a system to execute efficient marketing initiatives.

-Requirement will be timely Sales prediction report.

-Requirement will be customer segmentation report.

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