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2. What do you understand by requirement? Can you differentiate between requirements and needs?

Requirement is a user defined set of documents which states all the points which a user would need for the development of an application.  A Requirement is basically a need of the Client. The need or requirement will transform into a solution while taking various shapes and forms as progress in each stage of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Requirement serves as the foundation of system. A requirement can be thought of something that is obligatory or demanded a property that is essential for the system to perform its functions. It is considered as a need of the user to give out the solution. Requirements can be of different types.

Types of Requirements
1. Business Requirements.
2. Stakeholder Requirements.
3. Solution Requirements.
Functional Requirements
Non-functional Requirements
4. Transition Requirements.

  • Business Requirements are the high-level statements of the goals, objectives or needs of the enterprise. This tells us why this project is needed, who will benefit from the given project, where it will be taking place and what standards are to be followed. Here we can also know what the business problem is, why the solution for this project is needed, what the scope of this project is and what are the rules and regulations to be followed in this project and what the key features are.
    Stakeholder Requirements are the statements of the needs the particular stakeholder or class of stakeholder. It is often referred to as User requirement which tells us what to do with the system. User requirements are documented using texts, use case, scenarios and user stories. These are generally documented in user requirement document. These are considered separate from system requirements because the users are unable to tell the entire requirements and the information they require.
    • Solution Requirements describe the characteristics of a solution that meets the business requirements and stakeholder requirements. These are what the developers use to build the system. Here, they use shall statements that describes what the system “shall do”.
    Functional Requirements described something that the developer needs to build which leads to deliver the solution.
    Non-Functional Requirements will capture the conditions that do not directly relate to the functionality of the solution, but it describes environmental conditions under which the solution must remain effective or qualities that the system must have. They are also known as the quality or supplementary requirements. These can include requirements relating to capacity, speed, security, availability and the information architecture and presentation of the user interface.
    Transition Requirements describe ability that the solution must have in order to facilitate transition from the current state of the enterprise to a desired future state. These requirements are elicited, analyzed, managed and communicated by performing tasks as for other requirements. The difference is not same in the methods defining them. But the inputs, nature of transiting requirements and in that they cease to be relevant once the existing solution is eliminated.

Differentiating between requirements and need.

  • Requirements are the things that we need to do in order to achieve a need. And Need are the Goals and objectives a business must achieve
  • Requirements are more specific and in detail, however need are not specific
  • The scope of the requirements are limited and need can be vast, it is inclusive of requirement.
  • Requirements may change time to time it is depend on need of the organization and it is influence by the needs. Need are dependent of requirements, they are influence by thought of people in organization.

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