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2.What do you mean by requirements? Can You differentiate between needs and requirements?

Requirement in general can be explained as :


Anything that is necessary or essential that one desire to have for a purpose of achieving the target/goal. It can be in any form such as what you need to do, service you want, products you need etc. Requirement is usually used in such context that you have to achieve some target in a working/professional environment. Requirement can also be stated as something that is required in advance or one can predict it in advance what will be the essential thing, demand, service, activity, etc. Requirement can also be defined as a condition required by a person to solve the problems while achieving the goals.


Needs are highly important factors which must be present to fulfill the necessity. Needs can be essential for living of an individual, survival of a company or anything else without which the survival of anything is not possible. In short, needs are necessary to be fulfilled to survive


Need is essentiality and requirement is purpose


(There can be a possibility where the basic technical difference between requirement and need is formal use and professional use)


  • Needs are goals one must achieve.
  • Requirements are things one need to do in order to achieve needs.


  • Needs are essential for survival.
  • Requirements are essential for growth


  • Needs do not change from time to time
  • Requirements change from time to time according to the situation and demands


  • If needs are not fulfilled it can affect adversely and survival
  • If requirements are not fulfilled it can affect in growth and achieve Target but not survival


All individuals/businesses have the same basic needs

On the other hand requirements may differ from person to person, business to business and even project (work) to project


To talk for the business purpose :


  • Business needs are the opportunities that are of strategic importance to our organization. When an issue is encountered in an organization, such as a series of customer complaints, a decrease in revenue, new market opportunities, we see business needs in action.


  • Business requirements, also known as stakeholder requirements specifications (StRS), describe the characteristics of a proposed system from the viewpoint of the system’s end user like a CONOPS. Products, systems, software, and processes are ways of how to deliver, satisfy, or meet business requirements.


Examples of business needs :


  1. Applications
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Products and services
  4. Processes
  5. Marketing strategies
  6. Customer experience
  7. Talent and knowledge
  8. Data and information
  9. Organisational culture
  10. Business relationships
  11. Standards and practices
  12. Machines and tools
  13. Systems


Examples of business requirements:


  1. Business Requirements
  2. Functional Requirements
  3. Stakeholder Requirements
  4. Non Functional Requirements
  5. Transition Requirements

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