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2. Project Scope Management Processes

1. Plan the scope management process
Make a template of the scope management plan. If a template is already prepared in any previous project that can also be reused. The scope will include document, time, cost, resources used in the project.
2. Collect requirements
After the scope of project is determined start collecting the requirements which will give answer to certain questions. What need to be prepared in project and deadlines of the project.
3. Define scope
This will be prepared to share with stakeholder what adjectly will be developed in the in project, and how is will solve the issue of the client.
4. Create a work breakdown structure
As there are big task which are split into smaller task, and then assigned to the team. It needs to be documented what task is assigned to whom, who can take the responsibility of work. It is used to track the progress of work.
5. Validate your scope
After the work is completed it need to be validated and shown to the stakeholders for review. Once it is validated from the stakeholders signoff is taken on it as a record to show that work is approved.

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