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1. What is the purpose of the Requirement Traceability Matrix?

A requirement traceability matrix is a tabular document which used in product development process. It is a project tool to use to capture all the business requirement at one place. Requirement Traceability Matrix used to capture all the requirements from project initiation to project delivery. And make sure at very point of time all the requirements are linked with Test Cases and test case document. So that no single requirement gets left over while testing.

Following are the field included in RTM

Requirement ID

Requirement Name

Requirement description

Status of the requirement

Requirement Traceability Matrix can prepare in both ways traditional approach and in modern approach as well. In traditional approach (Waterfall model) we prepare in Excel form. And this excels form RTM communicate to client on mail.

In Modern approach (Agile) we write user stories. Each user story is a requirement and acceptance criteria are the associated test cases which is the expected functionality to be achieved. This is all done in the Jira which is accessible by all the team member as well as stakeholders.

There are three types of Requirement Traceability Matrix are:

Forward Traceability Matrix: In forward traceability matrix it makes sure that each requirement is properly tested. Each requirement traced with the test cases hence it is called forward Traceability.

Backward Traceability Matrix: This Matrix used to ensure that the current requirement is on the right track. It made backward RTM by matching the test cases with the given requirement hence it is called Backward Traceability Matrix.

Bi-directional Matrix- In this matrix it is ensure that all the requirements are covered with their h individual test cases. This used combination of both forward and backward traceability Matrix.

Following is the purpose of Requirement Traceability Matrix:

  • The primary purpose of RTM is to keep track of the requirement
  • RTM is used in every project for trace the project progress.
  • It is helpful in tracking the requirements in an effective manner
  • It helps project managers to identify and evaluate the risks before they become issues.
  • By following RTM, we can make sure that no functionality will remain unchecked.
  • The purpose of RTM is to follow if each requirement of a client has achieved its objective
  • During validation process, requirement traceability matrix displays different test scenarios and status of various functionalities which ultimately help in inclusion of change requests or modifications.
  • It reduces the risk of errors and failure to achieve objectives.

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