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1. What is the purpose of Requirement Traceability Matrix

Requirement traceability matrix is a tabular document that creates the relationship between all requirements and
the test cases and with other artifacts. It is used in waterfall Modell where all the functional requirements
are represented in tabular form and helps the testing team to check the test cases.

Requirement – The fundamentals steps to fulfill the needs of the the client is known as requirement. Needs are the goals
of the client to achieve the set of goal sets but requirement is specific attribute that defines the clear
need and helps to achieve the goal with other specifications.

Traceability – The process and ability to trace the test cases with requirements so that project delivery gets completed
within time.

Matrix – The tabular representation of data in rows and columns which provides the candid image of the test cases ,

There are three types of Requirement Traceability Matrix

(a) Forward traceability matrix – The forward traceability matrix where requirements have been mapped with test cases
Not only the forward traceability matrix will this establish that every requirement
is being tested from top to bottom, but it will also assist in confirming that a
project’s trajectory is sound.

(b)Backward traceability matrix – The backward traceability matrix where the test cases have been mapped requirements
With this traceability matrix project scoop creep can be avoided.

(c)Bidirectional traceability matrix – The bidirectional traceability matrix is a combination of both forward and
backward where it combines both forward and backward matrix. It is useful
because it establishes that each requirement and has their test cases

Requirement traceability matrix is a document that confirms the requirements are defined for a system are linked correctly
during the verification process. It helps the testing team understand the testing level done for a given product.
The traceability process is used to review the test cases defined for any requirement. It is is beneficial in determining
the project direction and timelines. It ensures that project goals are met in a simplified way.

Requirements traceability is very important to manage our requirements in effective manner.

a) Meeting Goals:
Requirement Traceability Matrix is a proof that we have completed the project on time and we are met compliance

b)Running the Test Case:
Requirement Traceability Matrix will help the user what needs to be tested and it will mapping the each test cases.
So that user can implement the requirements correctly.

c)Decision Making:
Requirement Traceability Matrix plays a vital role in taking the decision making for throughout the product development.

Requirement Traceability Matrix is required to determine the project goals, and about the project direction is going on right way or not and the timelines of the project.
We can create the requirement Traceability matrix in excel and will have all the requirement in spread sheet and it can be documented, so that it is very easier to validate and
check the status and issues.

Sample Template:
Requirement Traceability Matrix
Project Manager: Project ID:
Project Sponsor: Project Title:

Requirement Information Relationship Traceability
ID Category Requirement Priority Source Business Objective Deliverables Verification Validation
Requirement 1 Mandatory Customer able to login system High Production Increase productivity User Acceptance Testing.

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