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1. What is BRD? How is it different from SRS?

BRD (Business Requirement Document) is a very important document for any project in traditional SDLC. It gives the details of every component of the project.

The main component of the BRD is included the detail of key stakeholders, what are the current situation/problem and opportunity? what is the goal of the

project, and what are the objectives? what are the success criteria? what all resources do we are hiring/need? what are the current risk and dependencies?

and what methods and approaches we are going to use.


BRD we prepare in the initial phase of project kickoff. That is Requirement gathering. We take all the understanding of business and projects.

Once we got the approval of the BRD, then only we start working on a project


How it’s different from SRS: SRS stands for software requirements specifications). BRD comes in the stage of requirement gathering and SRS comes into the stage of requirement

analysis of SDLC. SRS has the functional requirement and technical requirements of a project.

We notify all the requirements into the company format then only we update the RTM.

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