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1. What are the basic requriments of a business analyst?

Answer:A business analyst is person who helps business to analyze their processes,products,services and systems to improve current processes make profitable decisions through insights and data analysis.A business analyst also helps organizations to document business processes by assessing the business model and its integration with technology.Business Analyst have emerged to have a key role in recent business scenarios.The action and decision taken by Business Analyst do leave an impact on the financial prospects of the organization.
A primary job responsibility of Business Analyst is to communicate with all stakeholders and to elicit, analyze and validate the requirements for changes to business processes,information systems and policies.
A business analyst plays a big role in moving an organization toward efficiency, productivity and profiability.Below are the basic perspective of a Business Analyst to help the organization succeed.
1)Understand what business does and how it does.
2)Determine how to improve existing business process.
3)Identify the steps or tasks to support the implementation of new features.
4)Design the new features to implement.
5)Analyze the impact of implementing new features.
6)Implement the new features.
Business Analyst responsible for all types of communication throughout the project life cycle i.e verbal ,email, face to face etc. Many times a business analyst needs to manage the coflicts and address them on time.
In this way we require a BA as a heart of the project in the organisation to apply knowledge and take the efforts to grow the organisation .

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