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1. What are the basic requirements of a business analyst?

Business analyst is a link between different stakeholders belonging to different domain in an organisations. The main responsibility is client interaction, ownership of requirement and process reengineering. Business analyst uses business language, technical language and uses diagram as a document. However it’s prime responsibilities is client requirement. The requirement of business analyst is to meet the need of client- Business requirement, stakeholder requirement, solution requirement and finally transition requirement.

As we’ve established, business analyst roles and responsibilities are limitless, but it all comes down to three things:

  • Analysing data
  • Finding problems
  • Recommending solutions
  • Sending quantitative surveys
  • Conducting qualitative interviews
  • Meeting key stakeholders
  • Collecting website data
  • Gathering platform behavioural data

Once a recommendation gets approval, a business analyst’s duties is for the management and monitoring of the project, which may include doing below tasks like the following:

  • Creating and implementing a project plan
  • Managing the budget
  • Managing a cross-functional team
  • Setting key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Using data and KPIs to track a project’s effectiveness
  • Reporting to stakeholders
  • Solving unexpected problems

The basic requirement of a business analyst were as follows-

Understating of business objective-The business analyst must be able to understand the business objective, goals and visions.

Analytical and critical thinking- It is one of the core skill of Business analysis. A good analytical and critical thinking will able to make better understanding data, interpret diagram and use of facts.

Communication and interpersonal skill- Better understanding of client’s language is the most desirable skill in Business analyst. It builds interpersonal skill and helps in collecting proper information from clients. Business analyst uses proper verbal and written language for communication of facts, ideas and openings of stakeholders. Here not only the customer language is required to be understand but also the technical and functional language is required to be understand by business analyst.

Decision making skill- Business analyst is understanding the company’s current state and goal making the best course of action. The better course of action is decided when the decision making skill is high. Quick decision and correct decision making skill increases the level of accuracy

Business knowledge and Soft skill-   Business analyst must have a basic domain knowledge as to collect information and gather information without knowledge is not fruitful. Quick and proper decision making can be built only if business analyse has a domain knowledge.

Understanding of tools and techniques- Business analysis must have basic understanding of required tools such as Power BI, Excel, Access, Tableau, SQL and can interpret graphs, designs, charts. Understanding of data and pics are more informative and accurate,

Presentation Skill-  A business analysts must have a good presentation skill. Presenting the ideas clearly to the stakeholder and gathering in their requirement is utmost important in skill of Business analyst.

Active listener– Business analyst is require to be a good listener as to gather clear and proper information from the stakeholder. As a active listener a BA understands the needs of the stakeholder and team members facing any challenges.


These are few skills and requirement of a business analyst role and requirements. Besides there we can also add on the requirement skill of business analyst as per the job role demands

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