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1. How can you say that a requirement is good or perfect?

A requirement is the basic thing that brings both the client and the vendor together on a table. It is basically the need of the client where it wants to make some upgradation/changes in the existing system. It is the movement from AS IS condition to TO BE. The requirements is good or perfect can be said only when the BA has properly understood the clients AS IS State and can properly documented it. He has a duty to properly explain the AS IS state to the vendors resources or team member so that they can build upon the requirements and produce the TO BE state. TO BE state should be the representation of the requirements.

The qualities of a good requirement are

complete- Any requirement raised by the client must be complete and does not have open end. It should be not guessed by BA. It should be duly verified=d by the client before handing over to BA.

Feasibility-The Requirement must be feasible. Feasibility should be checked by BA,

Understandable- The Requirement should be understandable the BA and his team. It should not be ambiguous.

Unambiguous- It should be crystal clear of what the stakeholders are asking for. The Confusion in requirement/Thought may lead to low quality of requirement and poor delivery

Testable- The requirement should be clear and after the development it should be testable, so that the delivery can take place intime,

To document the requirement, there is a document called as requirement specification document which needs to be documented and discussed with all the stake holders as they are the ones to work on the requirement. The clear the requirement/thoughts of the clients and representation, the better and timely the product delivery.

For this,

Define one requirement at a time

It must be unique

It must be clearly stated in a statement

No ambiguity should be displayed

Avoid repetition/duplication of the statements/requirements

Avoid contradictory statements

Do not refer the requirement if its not been referred by client.

do not come up with your ides

It should be as easy as can be made.

The client and the development and operations team and all the stake holders will find it more and more easy and comfortable to work on if the requirements described are in proper format and easiest of the language. This will ensure more revenue and timely delivery of the products. As the requirement is directly proportional to the client expectation of the product. Good quality requirement adds values to the team and the project. It should be properly categorized. The Good requirement saves us time and money and increases the reputation towards the client. A requirement is said to be perfect if it is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. The requirement should be clear, understandable and feasible. Client can have ambiguous idea, which is to be clearly understood and documented in a Requirement specification document to make all the stake holders understandable and cleat understanding leads to times error free product delivery. The less the error the less the time consumed which reflects in the revenue. And hence these are the qualities of good requirement.

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