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A workshop is a type of meeting for a specific goal. Involve the participants actively in workshop and discuss about the common goal to find out a solution to the problem. It is an interaction session to collect the different ideas/opinions from the participants and come up with a solution.


A workshop is designed to develop a specific skill. Conducting a workshop is not an easy job, you need a proper planning for that to make it more effective and productive.


Define the goals to the participants before going to workshop, so that, it would be easy to everyone for active participation.


It is very important to know that who will be attending the workshop related to your goal. For example, if your workshop goal is to develop a solution to a problem, target the key people who can contribute their ideas to develop a solution.


Now, you know what your goal is and who will be attending the workshop? Create a list of main points to discuss and communicate to your audience. This helps the people understand where they need to focus their efforts.


The only way to find out if your workshop was success by follow-up. Create a questionnaire and give it to all the participants at the end of the event and give them some time to share their opinions on how well it went.


It is also important to communicate the decisions that were taken after workshop by sending e-mails to all the participants. People wants to know their efforts resulted in decision or action, so, keep them informed what’s happening after the workshop.

Observation Technique

This Technique is used in projects when aiming to write a document for existing process or to improve a project goal process.It is a great way to understand what the user goes through and provides instant solutions.

Two main observations are



Passive/Invisible: During this observation only notes should be taken on what occurs.Should never interrupt in the work being done,only can ask the questions after the entire process is completed.

Active/Invisible: During this observation,questions/interruptions can be done throughout the process like WHY,WHAT,HOW.It is better to have a list of questions to ask during the observation.


It is useful when the stakeholders find it hard to explain. 

It helps BA to have an idea of the information on process what is actually done.


Only existing workflow can be explained.

It is time consuming.

It is not possible to observe all the scenarios.

Document Analysis

Documents play prominent role in understanding the system and to communicate between technical n non technical team.Document analysis is nothing but getting a clear idea of what it is saying about.the key things in document analysis are :

1.Type of document

2.purpose of document

3.Author of document

4.Source of document